groups of pupils and students are most welcome to visit the museum, but they may also have the possibility to familiarise with the museum collections during museum classes

What did i like the most in the Museum ?

A visit connected with drawing classe.

Classes for kindergarten and grades 13 of the elementary school

How was life and its end presented in art danse macabre painting and coffin portraits of the XVIIIth century.

How can I become a saint?

Analysis of Church paintings of XVII- XXth century.

Times of baroque.

The discovery of a game of shadows the principles of composition and a mystique aspect of the Church art on the basis of museum artifacts.

Monuments. what are they and why should they be taken care of?

Visit to the museum with the option of entry to storages where a part of Museum s exhibits is kept.

The beauty of metal and silk threads.

A visit to the treasury and discovering historic altar vessels and garments.

Music instruments.

Gothic. What are the differences between the art of Gothic and contemporary ?

Art discovering exhibits of the XVth century in our collections sculptures.

Paintings books.